Website Customization

I have a "live" online retailing website called Horrido Hobbies that illustrates what I can do to create an online retailing presence for you. The foundation of the website is a shopping cart web application. I can customize and tailor the application to your needs, after which you can deploy it on your own server. I can also help you setup your server at a datacentre.

In order for you to understand the features and capabilities of this web application, I have made it possible for you to login to a dummy user account which lets you play with the retailing website (ie, add items to the shopping cart, view your order history, check out the contents of the shopping cart with a dummy credit card number, etc.).

The dummy account has the username (email address) of "" and the password "craig007". Enjoy.

If you would like me to customize an online retailing website for you, based on what you see at Horrido Hobbies, my rates are as follows:

  1. A flat rate of C$750 for the base website, including my selection of a CSS template (graphical design), integration of shipping policy/prices from a courier of your choice, and minor modifications of textual content.
  2. Major enhancements, such as category-based search refinement, or integration with an online payment processor (eg, PayPal), will cost C$50 per hour. I will give you an estimate on the number of hours required.
  3. Loading your product database with inventory, including photos, thumbnail, description, and prices, will cost C$10 per product item.

Contact me at The Cyber Detective.

Building a Home Theatre PC

We can build a HTPC tailored to your needs. Our preferred solution is based on Intel NUC hardware.

Contact us at HTPC World.

PC Troubleshooting

I offer my services in helping you solve your home or small business PC problems. My rates are very competitive. I'm your "go to" guy for things such as:

To fix general PC problems, harden your PC security, or create a website, I charge a flat fee of $50. Developing a custom application or building a PC to order will cost $50 per hour, plus parts.

Contact me at The Cyber Detective.